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Languages offered

I interpret between English and Portuguese.

Specialist Fields

I interpret for a range of organisations in various situations, but am proficient in the following specialised fields:

Types of Interpreting Undertaken 

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter relays what the speaker has said once he or she has finished speaking, usually a phrase or sentence at a time.

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting the meaning is relayed in real time, as the speaker is speaking. This type of interpreting is often used in courtrooms where the interpretation is whispered to the client or at conferences where the interpretation is listened to via headphones.

Telephone interpreting

I can interpret over the telephone for you as well as in person. This is useful particularly where time is short and for example an interview can be conducted without needing to wait for the interpreter to travel to the location. It is also valuable where the two parties concerned are in different places, and a conference call can be set up to allow a conversation to take place.

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My client portfolio includes:

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Interpreting Enquiry  

Email lurdes@portuguese-english.co.uk

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the difference between interpreting and translating?

Interpreting is the spoken word; translations are written communications.

Why do I need an interpreter who specialises in a technical field?

If for example you need to hire an interpreter for a hospital situation where a consultant needs to explain a procedure or treatment to the patient, it is important that the interpreter you use is competent in the field of health, as they will understand the terms being used, be able to accurately translate them into the patient's mother tongue, and appreciate the importance and sensitivity of the information which needs to be conveyed. Law and health are two of my specialist fields, and I have extensive experience both in law firms and working for healthcare organisations.

Where do you travel to for interpreting assignments?

I am based in Southwest London, and travel all over the UK, provided accommodation arrangements are made when travelling 5/6 hours each way. I also accept assignments abroad.

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Versão Portuguesa

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